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World Housing Community
Building Project

Nobody should go without a roof over their head. This is why World Housing is committed to helping build homes for the world’s most vulnerable people. Through this partnership, we are Lifting Up Oguis by assisting in the rebuild of the infrastructure lost during the 2020 typhoons.

Island Zone Learners​

Nothing should get in the way of children receiving a proper education. Through our partnership with Island Zone Learners, we will provide opportunities to the youth of Oguis to achieve a post-secondary education, an opportunity to escape poverty and the daily hardships they endure.

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About Us

Our humanitarian charity

A Need For Support

In November 2020, the village of Oguis, located on the island of Catanduanes in the Philippines, took a direct hit when two powerful typhoons made landfall. The first one, recording 315 km per hour winds tore the roofs off of the homes, flattened shanties, and destroyed the water and electrical systems. Additionally, both the local school and sports court were severely damaged. The second typhoon, which hit just ten days later, brought thundering rain and flooded the entire village. The storms also eliminated the main income source for many of the residents of Oguis when all the bark was torn off the abaca trees. They are regularly harvested as the main natural resource used for trade in the area. It will take two-to-three years to recover this essential source of income.

Take A Tour

Thanks to Google Earth, we can provide you with an on-the-ground look at the village of Oguis as if you were actually there.

Note: Google Earth was filmed several years before the typhoons of November 2020.
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Oguis Charity Steering Committee Group

The Super 7

Our steering committee consists of Hermie Jamer, Joan Karstens, Karen Stewart, Mac Voisin, Marcela Bahar, Al Orth, and Lynn Orth. The professionals in this group have worked in a wide variety of industries, giving them the experience and connections required to help lift up the people of Oguis.

The Magnificent 12

This group of professionals all grew up in Oguis, and still have many family members that live in or around the area. They connected after the first typhoon hit, to figure out ways to support the community and help them recover after losing so much. They have helped us coordinate the logistics of each project, and continue to ensure that everything is on time, as planned. With his 12 years of engineering construction experience, Aldrin Soriao leads this on-the-ground team to ensure steady progress of each project.

Oguis Construction Engineer Coordinator

Our Work

Lifting Up Oguis one project at a time

Campaign for Immediate Needs

Many villagers were left without basic living necessities after items like clothing, linens, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils were destroyed in the typhoons. We quickly began collecting these essentials to be shipped to the village.
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Christmas Dinner

After the typhoons hit Oguis in 2020, many people feared that they would not be able to celebrate Christmas, their most important holiday. Thanks to Hermie and the generous donations of her coworkers, no family in the village had to miss Christmas dinner that year.
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New Steel Roofing

After severe typhoons ripped through the village in 2020, many families were left without a roof over their heads. We promptly began collecting the necessary funds to replace their steel roofing, so the villagers could stay comfortable and safe.
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T-Shirt Donation

After a name change to one of their businesses, Mac Voisin and Marcela Bahar discovered they had 845 branded t-shirts they no longer needed. They generously decided to send these to Oguis, where they were shared with surrounding villages.
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Houses for Oguis

Through our Houses for Oguis campaign, we have begun building concrete homes to replace the fragile shanties that most villagers live in. Through our work, we have already constructed five homes, and the sixth is underway.
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New Kindergarten Roof

During the typhoons of 2020, extreme winds destroyed the roof of the community school’s kindergarten room. We quickly collected the funds to fully repair this damage. With a proper overhead covering, teachers can now keep equipment and assignment sheets dry, so students can continue learning.
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Water for Oguis

As a result of the 2020 typhoons, Oguis villagers were forced to use the local river as their water source, as the original system was destroyed. Once we raised the funds, a new system was quickly installed by the villagers - now each resident has a clean water hookup right outside their house.
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Educational Support

Everyone deserves a proper education. Through our educational support program, we have been able to purchase necessary tools and equipment for the local school, in addition to sponsoring 18 university students to complete their degrees.
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New Website Launch

As of April 26th, we have officially launched our brand new website. Now you can stay up to date on all the projects we have

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